Our fabulously happy Essex Saddleback pigs live a wonderful life here on the farm. And our high standards of animal welfare result in fantastic quality sausages and bacon.

Our sausages are made just down the road by local master butcher, Leech & Sons (who now also have a fabulous meat counter in our Food Hall!). We believe the pork is good enough not to need any flavourings ... try them once and you'll be hooked! These are organic sausages with a real old fashioned flavour and good texture that is great for grilling, roasting, frying and barbecuing.

The bacon is especially superior; just watch the way it doesn't shrink when you fry it. This is because there's no water in our bacon, just great meat!

Seasonally, you'll find other meat to order as well - from spring lambs to Christmas turkeys. We don't actually have turkeys on our farm, but we get them from trustworthy local farmer John Franklin.

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