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(Makes about 16 small rolls)

Few things are nicer than waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread. These light and fluffy rolls take 10 minutes to mix and are left to rise over night before being baked for just 10 minutes. Perfect, quick bread without any machines.

1. Measure up the yeast and pour in a little warm water. Cover with clingfilm and leave until frothy about 10 minutes.

2. Crack the eggs and beat lightly with a fork. Pour off a little to use for glazing.

3. Pour the milk and water into a wide mixing bowl. Add the salt, sugar, eggs, butter, yeast and to start with, the lower amount of flour.

4. Stir well, then use one hand to knead into a smooth, elastic dough, adding remaining flour as you do so.

5. Tip the dough out on a floured work surface. Cut into smaller pieces. Roll into smooth balls.

6. Arrange the rolls in a deep baking tray with some room to rise.

7. Tear off a large piece of clingfilm. Lightly oil one side and stretch it over the baking tray without touching the rolls.

8. Put the tray somewhere cool over night.

9. In the morning: bring the rolls in from the cold and remove the clingfilm.

10. Pre-heat the oven to 220C/gas mark 7.

11. Brush the proven rolls remaining egg-wash and sprinkle with poppy seed.

12. Bake in the top of the oven for 8-10 minutes.

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10g dried yeast granules (not quick action)

200ml milk

200ml water

1 small tablespoon salt

1 small tablespoon caster sugar

2 medium sized free-range eggs

75g soft butter

625-675g Glebe Farm strong white flour


A little beaten egg

Blue poppy seed

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